9 Gift Ideas For New Dads

Being a new dad can be an especially tough time for anyone who has ever experienced it. Make sure the new dad in your life knows he's loved and appreciated with one of the cool gift ideas we found below. 

Glifft Favorites

For When Dad Is Giving Mom a Break

Men's Diaper Bag


Let's face it. Isn't it demeaning enough for the dad in your life to have to walk around with spit up milk on his shirt, a patch of drool on his sleeve, or god forbid a streak of poo down his pants?? Why not make his day a little better with his very own diaper bag. The neat part is that is looks like a backpack so it's really a multipurpose bag, adapting to whatever the situation calls for.

For When Dad Needs Some Peace And quiet

Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Why Dad Will Love It

If the new dad in your life is balancing supporting his wife, trying to bond with his new baby and working a full time job to support the family, he likely could use an uninterrupted good night's sleep every now and again. The Bose quiet comfort will give him just that by cancelling out even the sounds of his sweet baby crying...or screaming his or her head off. (Sorry moms!) Give dad the gift of sleep.

For When Dad Needs To Unwind, Quickly

Corkcicle Beer Chillsner


Picture this, it's been a long week and there is nothing more that dad is looking forward to than Friday evening when he can kick up his heels, watch his favorite action movie on his overcompensating television while enjoying a nice cold beer. He puts the baby down, heads straight towards the fridge and GASP! There are no cold beers left in the fridge. This ladies and gentlemen is why the Corkcicle Beer Chillsner was invented and why it's a great gift idea. You can thank us later.

For When Dad Needs A pick me Up

Chemex Ottomatic Coffee Brewer


As you can plainly see this is no ordinary coffee maker. The new dad in your life deserves something special and that is exactly what this is. It gives the design, charm and purity/strength of a Chemex brewed cup of coffee and marries it with all of the conveniences of a modern coffee maker by taking the guess work out of brewing. The best part? It features a hot plate to keep your coffee warm for longer without burning or compromising the flavor.

For When Dad Needs A Little Guidance

Daddy Needs a Drink: An Irreverent Look at Parenting from a Dad Who Truly Loves His Kids - Even When They're Driving Him Nuts

Why Dad Will Love It

Sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you're sleep deprived and can't seem to calm down your child. Hearing from another dad who has been through the same thing and lived to tell the tale can be motivating. Throw in a little humor too and if nothing else, it will help the new dad in your life put a smile on his face.

For When Dad Wants To Pass Along His Interests

Darth Vader Collection 4 Books Set

Why Dad Will Love It

There isn't a dad out there who we've gifted this to who hasn't thought it was basically the best present ever. It not only features a version for dads with boys and dads with girls, but it's a great way for the dad in your life to nerd out with his munchkin. 

For Dad & Baby Bonding Time

ERGO Baby Carrier

This might seem like a ho-hum gift idea, but this is a great present for dads who are especially having a tough time bonding with there babies early on. It's no secret that the best way to develop a connection with your baby is through skin to skin contact and this is the next best thing. It will get your precious newborn more comfortable with the warmth and presence of his/her dad. Trust us when we say, it will be the most rewarding gift he will ever get.

For the Memories Dad Will Want to Treasure

Instant Camera

Yes, we know. The new dad in your life already has a state of the art smart phone with an awesome camera that has 1 Million megapixels, never takes a bad picture and it can even burp your baby. But can it develop a photo instantly? That's what we thought. We all know that there's nothing more that new parents like more than showing off pictures of their cute kids doing cute things so give dad a gift that will let him display all that he has to be proud of instantly. 

For Just a Plain Old Cool Gift

Flyte Levitating Light


Ummm....because it's a lightbulb that levitates... Yup, that's all we're going to say about that.

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