Curated Copper Gifts for Her

Let's get real. Copper has been around for a long time and copper accessories are nothing new. However, they are often overlooked depending on the stores you frequent or what site you're on. The great thing about copper is that they offer a stylish alternative to the everyday products you use and the natural shine can brighten up any room. Given as a gift? Trust us when we say, she'll love it.

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For Her Home

Succulent Planter, $40.00

Why not bring a little bit of the outdoors in? Perfect for displaying small plants and objects as well as for adding a eye catching centerpiece to any space, this modern and airy glass terrarium will look great in her home. Especially great for your friends who lack a green thumb. :)

Copper Candle, $45.00

This candle + copper holder is truly one of a kind. It's hand-poured in Australia from a completely natural and sustainable proprietary coconut wax blend. It even features a clean-burning, pure cotton wick and is infused with coconut, which will add the perfect hint of fragrance to her home.

For her Kitchen

Copper Measuring Cups, $30.00

Copper is a classic material for any baker/chef. Help her up her chef game with these chic measuring cups. If they're using their existing ones as often as we think they are, we're sure they'll want and need a replacement anyway.

Copper Kettle, $100.00

Who knew a vessel for boiling water could be so chic? This kettles design along with the copper finish will be a great conversation starter and something she is likely to want to keep on her countertop, even when she isn't in need of any boiling water.


Copper Jewelry Tree, $30.00

Does she need a way to display her neck baubles? This copper jewelry tree will keep her favorite necklaces organized and add a pretty new storage piece to her vanity.

Copper Orb Jewelry Box, $30.00

Maybe she needs to store more than just new necklaces? This Jewelry Box will keep all her favorite baubles stored in one cute container.

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8-cup classic French Press, $34.00

We all have that coffee lover in our life and who says they can't have a vessel that looks as good the way the coffee it produces tastes? Trust us when we say that her friends will be impressed, and want their very own too.

Cocktail Muddler, $7.95

As the perfect dinner host, the lady in your life is not one to disappoint and she knows that creating the perfect cocktail requires not only the right ingredients but the right tools as well. This copper cocktail muddler will do just that and is a great addition to her (or anyone else's) home bar.


Copper Table Lamp with Bulb, $85.00

Brighten her life in more ways than one with this copper table lamp. With a classic vintage look and a modern touch, this table lamp is inspired from industrial table lamp designs and brings the same level of sturdiness. Can you say conversation starter?

Copper Wire Clips, $6.00

The woman who owns this set of modern clips knows that being fierce doesn't mean she can't also be chic. In fact, for her the two go hand in hand. If this sounds like someone you know, go ahead and grab these for her. She'll definitely appreciate the gesture.

For Her Everyday

Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle, $16.99

Yea, yea we know, you know, she knows, that we all know we should be drinking more water. This is a great way for her to do that on the go and feel like it's worth it...well outside of staying hydrated of course. The best part? It keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours!

Slim Fit Cell Phone Case, $14.99

We've all been there. You're going about town minding your own business, when BAM! You drop your precious cell phone only to find out it's majorly cracked and completely irreparable. Who doesn't need a way to protect their cell phone from cracking when they drop it? Help her eliminate cracked screens and dashed dreams with this copper slim fit cell case. 

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