The 18 BEST Father's Day Gifts For Dad

Searching for the perfect gift for dad can be, oh what's the right word...IMPOSSIBLE? Yea, we get it. If your dad is anything like ours, he has very specific taste (i.e. he's picky) and you will probably end up giving him a lame tie or something else he wont appreciate and has way too much of. It doesn't help that each year dad likes to remind you he "has everything he already wants and needs."

But come on, you're better than that! Plus, doesn't the man who faithfully supported you through everything in your life deserve something more, well, deserving? We think so. Whether he's a new dad, an empty-nester or somewhere in the middle, we've curated a list of our 18 favorite gift ideas that dad is sure to love.


For When Dad Goes Camping Or Hiking

Why dad will love it

Gentlemen's Hardware Enamel Mug

This mug is the perfect gift for the outdoorsman in your life and a great gift for dad. It's lightweight design makes it easy to travel with and the enamel coating ensures fast and simple clean up in the wild. Let the adventure begin! 

Multi-tool Outdoor Companion With Case

Does the dad in your life need a pocket knife upgrade? Well this is it. This outdoor companion comes with 10 tools including a mini saw, pliers, bottle opener and screwdriver. A great gift for dad that he will actually use.

For When Dad Entertains


Fire Extinguisher Cocktail Shaker

We're not sure this gift even warrants an explanation, but just in case you need a little convincing, it's a cocktail shaker that is designed to look like a fire extinguisher. [Insert gasp heard around the world right here]. Great for the host in your life, the cocktail shaker is handmade in brass with a nickel-plated exterior and a silver-plated interior. The coolest part was that it was designed to mimic cocktail related tools & accessories created in 1920's Prohibition, which were intended to disguise their true purpose.

Moscow Mule Kit

Does your dad like to go all out when he entertains? This cocktail kit is a great way to gift your dad this year. The classic Moscow Mule copper mugs paired with the locally-sourced cocktail mix ingredients will surely impress his friends. The best part? FICKS prides itself on filling their cocktail mixes with detoxifying ingredients, which means he can still have fun without feeling like a wreck the next morning. Hangover cure, anyone?

For When dad Wants to Relax


Leather House Shoes

If a man's home is his kingdom, why not help dad feel like a true king? These tan leather house shoes will do just that with their smooth finish and comfortabl feel. The coolest part? New York maker Andrew McAteer created these slippers based on a pattern from a Civil War-era magazine he sourced from the Library of Congress. How neat is that?!

Audio Pillar 

Let's face the facts. Mom is normally the one who gets to pick any new item added to her preciously decorated house, amiright? These wireless speakers are a win-win because not only do they offer incredible sound, but their sleek design comes in a variety of options that dad can get away with displaying.

For When Dad Needs to Stay Connected

Why Dad Will Love It

Twin Powered Backup Battery

Name one person you know who never has had to worry about a dead cell phone battery? We bet you can't because that person does not exist. This is a gift for any and every dad out there and we know he will especially be thankful due to the practicality of the gift. Just do us a favor and try not to steal it after you give it to him?

Bluetooth Earbuds + Charging Case

Give your dad true wireless freedom! Known as the 'Bullet 2.0' this combination earbud + charging case will have your dad making a variety of promises because of how happy he will be with the gift. It is extremely lightweight (seriously it's only 4.7 grams), you can make calls and listen to music with it and it also features active noise reduction and echo cancellation. You're welcome.

For When Dad Goes Out

Why Dad Will Love It

The Per Morberg Cuff links

Help dad up his evening game with these cuff links. Inspired by the famous Swedish actor and keen hunter, Per Morberg’s favorite ammunition. Crafted from solid brass, the gold plate finish features the same inscription as a Rottweil 16-gauge shotgun shell. 

Brogue Hip Flask

Trust us when we tell you your dad wants this slick hip flask. It's the gift he's been hoping to get and didn't even know it. With a butter-soft leather finish and a dapper brogue design, this flask will be something your dad will use and treasure for years to come.

For Dad, everyday


Men's Leather Valet

Is your dad known for misplacing his keys? His wallet? Maybe sometimes his wedding band? (eek!) This leather valet is a great gift that your dad will use everyday. It's small enough to fit on his nightstand and big enough to hold the essentials. 

Aluminum Coffee Grinder

Before we go into why this is a great gift for dad, can we stop and take a minute to appreciate the sleek design of this coffee grinder that is, by the way, actually functional too? Don't believe us? Well it was designed by ROK Kitchen Tools and financed by a passionate community of crowd funders from Indiegogo.  The non-slip base and vertical orientation will give dad all the leverage he need to grind with minimum effort. He can finally have the perfect cup of coffee with his favorite coffee beans, in the comfort of his own home.

For When Dad Is Getting In Shape


S'well Water Bottle

S'well bottles are nothing new, but if your dad doesn't have one, well then he's missing out. The triple wall insulation means he can keep hot liquids hot for 12 hours (morning coffee, anyone?) and cold water cold for 24 hours. We predict he won't want to use any other vessel to transport his beverages once he starts using it.

Crossrope Complete Elite Set

The ultimate fitness gift for your dad, the Crossrope Complete Elite Set is an interchangeable jump rope system, which offers high performance training tools. You can easily clip in 7 different cable weights, from just under 2 ounces to 3 pounds and it lets you decide whether you'll jump rope for weight loss or if you want to focus on improving your conditioning.

For When Dad Is On The Road

Why Dad Will Love It

Hey Handsome Doppler Kit

A travel shaving bag with a personality? Sign us up for this travel gift! Designed to keep the bag shut tight and made with water-repellent fabrics, your dad can rest assured knowing that his grooming essentials will stay inside his bag, even if they leak.

Ostrich Travel Pillow

You know that feeling you get when you bury your face under your pillows, cover your head with your blanket, like you're wrapped up in a cozy hug? The ostrich travel pillow is like that for your head. A wonderful gift for dad, but maybe if he's feeling generous, it can also be something the entire family can enjoy. :) 

For When Dad Wants To Nerd Out

Why Dad Will Love It

Superfight Card Game

The Superfight team describes their product it as a game of absurd arguments where hypothetical situations are presented and certain cards can make heroes out of complete and utter villains and make villains out of heroes. Sound fun? We think so and dad will too.

Call of Duty Battle Drones

What else can we say except that these drones literally bring video games to life and provide the ultimate nerd out opportunity. A great way for the dad in your life to enjoy a little outdoor fun.